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My Process

I seek out places I wouldn't normally find myself being a part of.  Instead of being in the background, behind the camera, I try to develop a relationship with the subject or situation I am photographing. This way I remain included in the story being told and each picture hopefully reveals a little bit about me as well as the image I make. The images reveal open-ended narratives that tend to inspire more questions than give answers.

Recent Articles & Mentions

• Texas Observer
  “Eye on Texas” series 

• Tribeza, Austin
 Texas Soil, Arts Pick of the Month

• Oxford American Magazine Southern Music Issue

•, fall/winter issue
   Review of “Child of the Mississippi”
• Tribeza, Austin
  Arts Pick of the Month
• Austin American Statesman, November
  Review of Child of the Mississippi

• DAM (Downtown Austin Magazine). Number 4.
  “Digital Artist in Residence”



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Photo Méthode
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