Day of the Dead
Guanajuato, Mexico


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New Orleans, Louisiana
Todos Santos, Baja Mexico
Terlingua, West Texas



Day of the Dead
Guanajuato, Mexico

Sept 11- Oct 3

$1,400 per person
Maximum 10 people

©Kevin Greenblat, Guanajuato, 2014

©Kevin Greenblat, Guanajuato, 2014

Why Guanajuato

©Kevin Greenblat, Santa Ana, 2018

©Kevin Greenblat, Santa Ana, 2018

I went to Guanajuato for the first time 18 years ago. It was intended to be the first stop on a wider tour of Mexico, but I loved it so much I stayed put and spent the rest of my trip there. I’ve gone back almost every year ever since. It is a welcome respite where I always feel the warmth of friendly, proud locals and the buzz that emanates from a town with a lively university atmosphere. 

During this workshop we’ll spend time in Guanajuato as well as the surrounding villages of Santa Ana, Santa Rosa, and San Martin de Terreros, exploring the architecture, beauty and culture of the region. I’ll show you the places I keep going back to, and my assistant, Dylan Williams—who’s native to the region and paints it every chance he gets—will be our insider guide.


About the Region

Abundant silver and gold deposits led to the settlement of Guanajuato in the 1500s. Located in central Mexico, the city is known for its silver mining history and colonial architecture. 

In 1988, Guanajuato was named a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The town’s Baroque and neoclassical architecture reflect its history of prosperity, and its churches are said to be some of the most beautiful in Central and South America. Pink, green, ocher, and red buildings line the slopes of surrounding hills, and cobblestone streets connect museums, beautiful theaters and markets. A sudden turn will find you in long, dark, subterranean tunnels, formerly rivers. 


About the Workshop

What I want for this workshop is to help you find your voice. How do you make a photo your own? It’s more than composition—it’s as much about seeing as it is about shooting. We’ll move beyond taking snapshots, and I’ll help you cultivate your perspective so your photos tell a story. They’ll have your mark. 

And you’ll get to see different approaches to the same subjects. Seeing others’ visual language and interpretation will help you define your own.

You’ll come away with a body of original work that expresses your own narrative, different from the predictable and different from the next person’s.

I promise that the terrain, color, history, and depth of Guanajuato and its nearby locales will inspire you. I’ll be there to work with you as much or little as you want, and you’ll have the camaraderie of your workshop mates to be inspired by. 


Beyond Photos

We’ll go off of the well-traveled path and enjoy food and music created by locals. Chances are good we’ll be fairly bonded by the time the workshop is over.


What to Expect

The general format of every workshop is consistent. We’ll travel the region. We’ll shoot and edit every day. We’ll eat, drink, and see the sights.We’ll talk about the experience and I’ll review everyone’s work as a group, reflecting on the day and preparing for the next. 

We have a home base with snacks and drinks provided throughout the day.


Who Should Attend

  • • Beginners

  • • Hobbyists who have been shooting for a while, who understand the basic elements of photography

  • • More experienced shooters who want to venture beyond their typical work

Regardless of the level of photographic skills, all participants are expected to have a working knowledge of a laptop computer, digital workflow, and image editing software (ideally Adobe Lightroom).


What You’ll Need

  • • Digital camera

  • • Lenses. I suggest 28 mm and/or 35 mm

  • • Laptop

  • • Photo editing software, e.g. Lightroom


What’s Included

  • • First night’s meal followed by a mescal/tequila tasting on my roof deck overlooking city

  • • Snacks and coffee/tea each day

  • • Transportation to outlying towns


What’s Not Included

  • • Flight

  • • Hotel

  • • All other meals

  • • Transportation to and from the airport



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